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  • French Design made in EU

List of products by brand Tolonensis Creation

Tolonensis Creation designs and manufactures Lorentis wall clocks and metal wall ornaments.

Tolonensis Creation is a design studio created in 2009, specializing in laser-cut metal decorations. The creations are distributed to the general public, as well as to companies through customized creations.

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  • Bookend Coronation of Napoleon

    The bookend Coronation of Napoleon is inspired from a painting by Jacques-Louis David.

    > Go to the boutiquesdemusees website in order to select this bookend.

    Metal Laser Cut bookend.

  • Bookend the Seated Scribe

    The bookend the Seated Scribe presents the famous statue found in Saqqara in 1850.

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    Metal Laser Cut bookend.

  • Bookends Ramesses II and Horus
    Price €52.00

    Stunning set of metal Bookends Ramses II and Horus on the theme of the ancient Egypt.

    A very nice and customized creation for your home library.

    Bookends are packaged in an Eco Friendly box.

  • Serre-livres la Vénus de Milo

    The bookend Venus de Milo is inspired from the statue of Aphrodite.

    > Go to the boutiquesdemusees website in order to select this bookend.

    Metal Laser Cut bookend.

  • Wall clock Art Deco
    Price €82.00

    The very nice wall clock ART DECO renders through modern lines and characteristic shapes the style of the Arts Décoratifs artistic period.

    Silent clock

  • Wall clock Birdy
    Price €62.00

    The wall clock BIRDY is the most original bird clock on the market highly appreciated for its originality.

    A beautiful creation very popular among our female clients ♥♥♥

    Silent clock

  • Clock Belle Epoque
    Price €68.00

    The magnificent wall clock Belle Epoque 40 cm features the harmonious and characteristic shapes and lines of the artistic movement of the Arts Décoratifs.

    Silent clock

  • the Cat clock
    Price €64.00

    A very original creation with the Cat clock MISTIGRI 40 cm which features a cat with dancing mouses.

    A charming wall decoration for a guaranteed visual effect.

    Silent clock

  • Wall clock Charleston
    Price €72.00

    deLorentis presents its beautiful creation with the wall clock CHARLESTON 40 cm which draws inspiration from the characteristic graphic lines and shapes of the Arts Décoratifs artistic movement arranged in a modern composition.

  • Exotic clock Colombus
    Price €69.00

    A beautiful Exotic clock COLUMBUS featuring a composition with a wind rose inserted into a beautifull gothic dial. This model of clock is well suited for various interior fittings.

    Silent clock

  • Design clock Broken Time
    Price €59.00

    A splendid Design clock BROKEN TIME that presents a very original shape using a circular dial where every hour digit covers a part of the previous.

    Ideal for numerous types of interior fittings.

    Silent clock

  • Fish clock Atol
    Price €75.00

    A beautiful Fish clock ATOL on the topic of the exotism through a marine composition which features fish of the South Seas.

    A very original and delicate creation.

    Silent clock