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A beautiful Exotic clock COLUMBUS featuring a composition with a wind rose inserted into a beautifull gothic dial. This model of clock is well suited for various interior fittings.

Silent clock

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The Exotic clock COLUMBUS draws inspiration on the theme of travels and great explorations with his compass rose which recalls the old marine maps. The circular dial, inspired by old navigational instruments, is designed with an old gothic typography for hours.
The clock fits very harmoniously in many types of home interiors as well as in exotic and colonial styles.

The compass rose is a navigational instrument that has played a crucial role in the maritime world for centuries. It's a circular diagram representing the cardinal points (north, south, east, west) and the directions in between. Its origins date back to antiquity, but it became an essential navigational tool during the Golden Age of maritime exploration in the 15th century. The compass rose enables sailors to orient themselves at sea, by determining wind direction and the ship's position relative to magnetic north. It is usually placed on the navigational compass, helping sailors to maintain a precise course. This was particularly crucial on long sea voyages, enabling ships to stay on course and avoid getting lost. Even in the age of modern navigation, the compass rose remains an important symbol of maritime tradition and the art of navigation.

Metal wall clock - Equipped with a Full Silent Quartz Precision movement made in Germany. 

French Design Made in EU


Data sheet

Stainless steel
Black Matt RAL 9005
40 cm (15.75 in.)
UTS Precision Silent Quartz made in Germany
Silver-lacquered aluminium

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