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How to favour European manufacturing

Although the Fabriqué en France label highlights the quality of French manufacturing, it is nevertheless limited to certain specific fields of activity that allow this recognition, such as craftsmanship, wine, luxury goods and a few others.

This is much more difficult to transpose to fields that call on industrial techniques such as metal laser cutting.

While my approach and experience, which are rooted in a very French cultural environment, ensure that my creations remain purely French, the manufacturing process is European. In any case, it's an inescapable element today, since the equipment used in the manufacture of my clocks, bookends and decorations comes from several European countries, ultimately in the same way as for a manufacture that would be carried out in France or in another EU country, with machines of different origins. This is mainly the case with laser cutting, which is carried out by my partners on machines of German, Swiss or Italian origin. For painting, pigments are sourced from factories in Poland, Finland and France. The mechanisms and hands for my clocks are made in Germany. All my other suppliers, from the printer to the manufacturer of anti-slip pads for my bookends, as well as shipping cartons and other supplies, are located in Poland, precisely in Warsaw since that's where I live. In fact, the transportation of materials is geographically limited.

In a field such as interior design, where Asian production is literally flooding the major European chains, my creations, shaped and formed by myself and my perceptions, are made from and with resources sourced in the Europe we build every day.