Bookends Imperial Guard and Hussar

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A stunning set of bookends Imperial Guard and Hussar depicting soldiers of the Great Army od Napoleon

Bookends are packaged in an Eco Friendly box.

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A very nice pair of bookends Imperial Guard and Hussar on the theme of the soldiers of the armies of Napoleon. These bookends have been designed for the 250th anniversary of Napoleon's birth. The grognard, grenadier of the imperial guard, is depicted with his emblematic uniform. 

The Grognards of the Garde Impériale were the elite soldiers of Napoleon's army, and were often considered the most loyal and experienced. They wore a distinctive uniform, including a bicorne with a white plume, a blue woollen suit with gold epaulets and a red sash. They were proud of their service under Napoleon Bonaparte, and wore medals and decorations on their chests as a sign of bravery in battle. The Grognards were renowned for their discipline, resistance to harsh battlefield conditions and unwavering loyalty to the Emperor.

The Cavaliers Hussards of the Grande Armée were an agile and formidable light cavalry unit. They wore elegant uniforms featuring dolmans adorned with brandebourgs, contrasting banded pants and plumed shakos. Hussars were known for their daring and bravery on the battlefield, using their agility on horseback to carry out lightning charges and swift raids. They were also often equipped with sabers and spears, making them versatile combatants. The Hussars of the Grande Armée were an essential force in Napoleon's campaigns, taking part in many of the major battles of the period. Translated with (free version)

Metal bookends - Made in EU.

French Design Made in EU


Data sheet

Stainless steel
19 cm (7.5 inc.)
Black Matt RAL 9005
Anti-slip silicone pads

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