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Clock Tango Argentino

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A stunning design with this clock TANGO ARGENTINO clock featuring a couple of tango dancers.

The delicacy of the laser-cut underlines the beauty of the composition, which also features a bandoneon player.

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This magnificent clock TANGO ARGENTINO features an Argentinean dancing couple in one of the emblematic positions of this dance born in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. The couple is accompanied by music from the bandoneon, the characteristic little accordion created by Heinrich Band, whose Band-Union company gave its name to the bandoneón. 

The word Tango has its roots in the Bantu language, Ngo meaning leopard, which is also the symbol of power for kings. Ta Ngo expressed this designation of kings in several ways in the Kongo kingdom. The expression crossed the Atlantic with the African slaves who, on their arrival on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, found themselves parked in areas that took the name tango, which later came to designate the places where tango dancing was born and developed.

French Design Made in EU


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Stainless steel
Black Matt RAL 9005
40 cm (15.75 in.)
UTS Precision Silent Quartz made in Germany
White lacquered aluminium

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