Modern wall clock Robotic. Diameter 40 cm
  • Modern wall clock Robotic Close-up. Diameter 40 cm
  • Modern wall clock Robotic. Diameter 40 cm
  • Wall clock Robotic. Diameter 40 cm

Modern clock Robotic

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An original Modern clock ROBOTIC where the dial is constituted by a virtual electronic circuit board. A creation well suited for the wall decoration of the bedroom, the kitchen or for the office.

deLorentis Silent clock zero noise

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The Modern clock ROBOTIC featured a very original composition on the theme of modernity through an interesting dial depicting an electronic circuit board where each track ending with a hole represents the hours between the numbers and the center features an integrated circuit.

A unique composition ideal for modern fittings and persons interested or acting in electronic and computing environments.

Metal wall clock - Quality fabrication Made in EU.
Equipped with a Full Silent Quartz Precision movement made in Germany. 

French Design French Design

© Tolonensis Creation

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Steel laser cut
Black matt RAL 9005
40 cm
UTS Silent Precision Quart Made in Germany
White lacquered aluminium

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