• Red clock Pac-man close-up. Height 40 cm
  • Red wall clock Pac-man. Height 40 cm

Pac-man Red Clock

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A superb creation with this red clock Pakmaniac directly inspired by the video game Pacman through a remarkable and a very original composition.
Metal laser cut wall clock.

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The decorative red clock PAKMANIAC features the famous characters of the emblematic Pacman video game that has emerged as the first great successfull video game.

Its designer Jacques Lahitte presents here an extremely original and ordered composition that renders faithfully the dynamic of the game for the pleasure of the eyes.
This clock Pacman easily fits in contemporary, modern fittings, as well in any room of the house or the office. With dimensions of 40 X 40 cm the clock fits easily in versatile interior decorations.

Metal wall clock - Quality fabrication Made in EU.
Equipped with a Full Silent Quartz Precision movement made in Germany. 

French Design French Design

During the yearly Good Design Contest 2012 edition organized by the Industrial Design Institute in Warsaw which honors the best achievements of the year, our model PAKMANIAC was selected and recommended among the creations of the year by the experts of the institute.

The Contest 2012 Good Design in Warsaw

Good Design Contest Warsaw 


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Steel laser cut
Glossy Traffic Red RAL 3020
40 x 40 cm
UTS Silent Precision Quartz Made in Germany
White lacquered aluminium

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